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2022 Dark Cloud Whisky Awards

Just a quick update from me today.

I have drank through a ton of whiskies this year and I have made a few lists of my favourites for the calendar year 2022.

I dont have a ton of rules that I follow when picking my best whiskies of the year. Generally my only rules are the I have had to have tried it for the first time in the year in question, and I don't count a sample sent from someone in my awards. I try to include only bottles I have had the full bottle of, but there are always an exception or two for that rule.

I will start posting a few categories at a time on the website here, but daily on Instagram will be a new category. Yes there are a lot of categories but there are a LOT of whiskies that I feel are worthy of some recognition.

What are some of the categories you are asking....well a few are sperated by category (bourbon, rye, Irish, Scotch by region,) but then some are specific reasons.(most underrated, most unique etc) and of course there is a top 5 overall for the year and that is my other personal rule, a top 5 whisky isn't elligible for one of the category or regional awards.

Hopefully you tune in and enjoy my picks. Start a discussion and if you have any sip along with me.

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