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Guess Who's Back

Well, I will start off by saying thank you.

Thanks for sticking with me, keeping engagement on Instagram to a high level, and for supporting the launch of Dark Cloud Whisky this year. This will be a quick update on what I have been up to the last couple months and a few sneak peeks of what is happening in the Dark Cloud Stratosphere in the near future.

A huge opportunity came to me recently and I was asked to contribute to the inaugural edition of The Whisky Explorer Magazine. This is a new whisky magazine that launched in October featuring writers from across Canada writing on a plethora of topics, its totally free and for right now is available online only with future print issues hopefully coming to fruition. My first article is part one of a four part series taking a deep dive into everything Irish Whiskey. That also means I will have 3 more upcoming articles in the series and hopefully many more into the future. To check out the magazine click the link below.

Lastly, after taking a very busy autumn off from updating the website, I will be keeping up with events, reviews and articles on here a lot more often. I will try to update well in advance any events I will be hosting or pouring at and as always I will only sne dout emails when new stuff is posted.

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