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Quick Dark Cloud Update

Updated: Feb 11

I just figured I would check in and give a few updates as to whats happening in the Dark Cloud world. Some recent happenings and some events and cool interesting tidbits for the near future.

I recently completed almost 3 straight weeks of daily "Awards" on my Instagram page. I had many categories and most were a top 3, the regional categories were a top 5 and the final top 5 overall for the whole year. I included a photo of the top 5 overall here for a quick recap. Whats interesting to me is there are 2 that came in under $70. Two of the picks were grain whiskies, one was a brand new Canadian distillery that is making huge waves, one was a bourbon that seriously impressed me more than almost all other bourbons. There were two Irish from two of my favourite Brands in the world. I was very lucky this year to have the ability to drink some amazing whiskies.

One award I give out every year is my Distillery of The Year. The 2023 award was the easiest award I've ever handed out in the 5 or 6 years that I have been doing these annual Best of picks. It went to Killowen Distillery and they are so deserving of this award. For a full recap find the post on my Instagram that explains just a few of the many reasons they were my pick.

In mid-January I was honoured to again pour drams at a festival event for Hansen. This one was the annual MS Festival in Edmonton where all money raised goes to the MS Society of Alberta. I am always a proponent of drinking whisky for a great cause and this one didn't disappoint at all. This was also a perfect farewell to the Dark Cloud Whisky that I blended last year. A couple days after the event the last bottles were sold at Hansen. This was something I was very proud of and still kind of in shock that it was a reality.

I want to thank each and every one of you that shared the love and bought a bottle or more and you all made this guy extremely grateful proud and lucky.

Now for a few coming events and celebrations.

Just around the corner is one of the best days in the Dark Cloud calendar and of course it is St. Paddy's Day. Like last year i have a number of events planned to celebrate.

One virtual online cross Canada tasting which doubles as a launch of a couple Canada Exclusive products from our friends at PWS Imports and their Irish brands Two Stacks and Killowen. This is most likely going to be March 2nd. There might just be a very special guest joining us for the virtual event as well.

If you are local there will be not one but two opportunities to sample the same line-up at two different events.

March 15th at Keg N Cork and tickets are already available on their website or click the link below

The very next night on Saturday March 16th we will (tentatively) be sharing the same lineup but this time paired with food provided by the gems at Ashford House Pub in Edmonton.

Pay attention to the Ashford House socials as well as my Instagram as I will announce when tickets are available to that one.

Finally on St. Paddy's day itself I will be out in Beaumont and hosting the Sunday Spirit Club at Chartier Restaurant. This is happening for sure, just what is not set in stone is whether we will be having one or two tastings at the restaurant. Again stay tuned for finalised plans that will be announced shortly!

Lastly, I plan on updating my website more often this year. Not just upcoming events but articles, and reviews as well. I hope to see all of you returning for the future posts.


The Dark Cloud

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