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I am The Dark Cloud
This is My Story

My name is Sean, but most call me "Dark Cloud"

I have been on my own personal whisky journey since becoming an adult but most seriously since 2018. It all started with a fateful trip, the "Bucket List Trip of a Lifetime" to Scotland and Ireland that I won on a local radio contest. Visiting both, Glengoyne Distillery in Scotland and Bushmills in Northern Ireland, it kickstarted my deep dive into the world of whisky.

In the fairly short time that I have made whisky my hobby, I have been active daily on social media including my own personal whisky Instagram page, I have joined and helped run a whisky club, started a whisky podcast as well as hosted various tastings and events. I believe in helping others whenever possible and through my events I have helped raise in excess of $12k and counting that has been donated to some most deserving charitable causes.

Obviously whisky isn't my whole life. I am a husband and a dad and I take both of those more seriously than anything else in life. My daughters and my wife are my life and even though they put up with my crazy life in whisky, they support me in everything and are my raison d'etre.

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